When you walk into Cavalier Gastown in hustling downtown Vancouver BC, you can see why they have been so successful.

Many who enter the shop have big plans and even bigger expectations with what they want to come away with.  Selling ethically sourced stones and jewels, and making custom rings in house is what brought my sister's fiance Sam to stop in about a year ago.  Not only did he find The Ring and get the "YES!", he knew that the wedding bands would have to come from the same location where (literally) everybody knows your name. 

Cavalier Gastown

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, I joined Jazz and Sam on their quest for wedding bands.  After arriving, Cavalier owner Keith Seabrook immediately got to work to find the next step of "ringing" in their marriage.  As always, I brought my camera and floated around the shop admiring the goods and decor.  I loved the contrast between this store and the set up at Grace Loves Lace which we visited last May.  Clearly going for a more masculine energy, Cavalier is cozy and everyone is approachable no matter who you are.  I loved looking at the other jewellery they had in stock and really something for every occasion.  

In the end, these two found the perfect matching set of bands in rose gold.  Not long now until they tie the knot!