In a small town like Golden, the business community often finds unique ways of helping each other thrive.  That's a big reason I love this place.  So when I heard about the unique way Whitetooth Brewing and Home Lodge Golden work together, I had to see it for myself.  

Here's the situation: The delicious process of brewing beer at Whitetooth Brewing results in huge amounts of left over spent grains which are no longer needed after the sugars have been extracted.  These mushy porridge-like leftovers would otherwise be considered "waste", but not in Golden! 

Less than 10 km from the brewery, the highland cows of Home Lodge Golden wait patiently (while looking marvellous) for their favourite treat.  Owners of the lodge Sigi & Lynn will pick up the leftovers from Whitetooth and "hoof it" back to their hairy pets who come alive when they see Sigi walking towards them with a bucket of it.

I was lucky enough to capture an afternoon visiting Home Lodge Golden at feeding time.  To see that these two local businesses are preventing waste while keeping these handsome animals happy shows a beautiful symbiotic relationship.  So next time you raise a glass at Whitetooth Brewing in Golden, BC, you can think of the dozen cows that are probably also just as excited about the flavour profileā€¦ just in a mushy way.